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Papercutting Workshop


During each workshop we look at tool safety, paper as a medium as well as paper cutting techniques and design. 


You will be given an opportunity to choose from a selection of ready made designs by Angela, or offered help and guidance on completing your own design. 

Each workshop lasts approximately six hours including breaks. Within that time, you will complete a papercut, and be shown how to frame using a floating method.


A beautiful handmade in Norfolk box frame is included to take home. 

All tools and paper are provided for use during the workshop. 

A reduced price PaperCutting kit is available to purchase on the day, which can be tailored to your preference from the tools and paper tested during the day.


Please contact admin@paperstory.co.uk if you are interested in attending a workshop, spaces are limited depending on venue. With a maximum of 10 people. 

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