Fimo polymer clay Effects 57g blocks 36 Colours

Fimo polymer clay Effects 57g blocks 36 Colours


  • Fimo polymer clay Effects 57g blocks 36 Colours - PAPERSTORY - ART & CRAFT SUPPLIES
  • Fimo polymer clay Effects 57g blocks 36 Colours - PAPERSTORY - ART & CRAFT SUPPLIES

Fimo polymer clay Effects 57g blocks 36 Colours


Nightglow 041.75Metallic Mother of Pearl 081.75Metallic Gold 111.75Translucent White 0141.75Metallic Copper 271.75Metallic Ruby Red 281.75Glitter White 521.75Metallic Silver 811.75Translucent Yellow 1041.75Pastel Vanilla 1051.75Gemstone Citrine Quartz 1061.75Glitter Gold 1121.75Glitter Red 2021.75Translucent Red 2041.55Pastel Light Pink Rose 2051.75Gemstone Rose Quartz 2061.75Pearl Rose 2071.75Ruby Quartz 2861.75Glitter Blue 3021.75Pastel Aqua 3051.75Gemstone Blue Ice Quartz 3061.75Translucent Blue 3741.75Gemstone Agate Blue 3861.75Pastel Peach 4051.75Translucent Green 5041.75Pastel Mint 5051.75Gemstone Jade Green 5061.75Glitter Purple 6021.75Translucent Purple 6041.75Pastel Lilac 6051.75Pearl Lilac 6071.75Stone Granite 8031.75Glitter Silver 8121.75Pearl Light Silver 8171.75Gemstone Stardust 9031.75Pearl Black 9071.75

Fimo polymer clay Effects 57g blocks. Fimo Effects by Staedtler .PaperStory is an authorised Fimo Staedtler Supplier. Fimo Effect available in 37 gorgeous colours
Oven-hardening soft modelling clay. Once modelled place in a preheated oven at 110 degrees celcius or 230 degrees farenheit for approximately 30 minutes.

Please see additional information for safe use

Warning: For children over 8 years of age only, & for use under adult supervision.

  • Ready to use
  • Smooth and soft
  • Blending made easy by practical division into 8 portions
  • Brilliant on trend colour range
Available in

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Gemstone Blue Ice Quartz
Gemstone Rose Quartz
Glitter Blue
Glitter Green
Glitter Gold
Glitter Purple
Glitter Red
Glitter Silver
Glitter White
Metallic Copper
Metallic Gold
Metallic Mother of Pearl
Metallic Ruby
Metallic Silver
Pastel Aqua
Pastel Light Pink Rose
Pastel Lilac
Pastel Mint
Pastel Peach
Pastel Vanilla
Pearl Black
Pearl Light Silver
Pearl Lilac
Pearl Rose
Stone Granite
Stone Stardust
Translucent Blue
Translucent Green
Translucent Purple
Translucent Red
Translucent Yellow
Agate Blue
Ruby Quartz
Jade Green
Citrine Quartz

Instructions For Use

Modelling and hardening

Knead and shape FIMO. You can use modelling tools, for example, to create and work out small details. It is possible to use a core made of aluminium foil for larger objects to save material. Do not allow the soft clay to come in contact with furniture, the floor, carpet or fabric. Place the modelled object on aluminium foil or baking paper and let it harden in the preheated oven for a maximum of 30 minutes at a temperature of 110°C/230°F. FIMO will only be completely hardened when cooled down to room temperature.


Only begin any finishing work (painting, varnishing, drilling, polishing) when the object has cooled down. Use epoxy glue to repair broken parts as well as to connect FIMO with metal parts. Do not use the created objects directly with food, beverages, dishes or open fire (candle, ash tray).


Store FIMO covered with aluminium foil or in PE bags (cling film) at room temperature. FIMO must not come in contact with polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride or Styrofoam.

First aid information

In case of accidental overheating and inhalation of harmful gases: take the person outside and seek immediate medical advice. Ventilate the room well afterwards. Clean the oven with standard cleaning agents.

Safety rules

FIMO is a craft product, not a toy. Do not exceed a temperature of 130°C/265°F or harmful gases may be produced. Do not exceed a hardening time of 30 minutes. Do not expose hardened material to temperatures exceeding 130°C/265°F. Do not harden in the microwave. Do not allow the product to come into contact with an open flame, hot knife or wire. Use a domestic oven thermometer, e.g. bimetal, to measure and check the temperature. Do not heat material and cook food at the same time in a domestic oven.


Material can be disposed of with the normal refuse (household rubbish).

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