Artist Angela Park

Paper cutting Artist, Mixed media, and Textiles

I work in a variety of mediums, though Paper Cutting is where I see my ideas and designs come to life, sketching from observation and photography working with the finest paper, I use a combination of micro scissors and scalpel to create my papercut art. A magnifying glass is used to help me create the fine hairs and intricate details within my works. These tiny details, like a brush stroke, help make a piece come to life, adding character and an element of surprise and a little bit of wonder. My papercuts are framed in such a way, that they create shadows adding depth and interest. To create paper cuts, you need great paper! My slight obsessive need to find the perfect paper, sent me sourcing papers from all over the world. Our love of paper has spilled over into building PaperStory, we sell my favourite papers and art materials and bring them to our customers at great prices. We also have a growing Facebook group called papercutting art craft and design.

My favourite place as a child was Castell Coch in Wales, known as the Fairy-tale castle. I would spend many weekends there exploring the art, intricate carvings, and paintings. I believe this early glimpse at art influenced my own work today. I love to observe surrealism, as I find it thought provoking and often humorous, though my artistic influences would be Arthur Rackham, Rob Ryan and Henri Matisse. I will always have a respect and admiration for 15th century masters, and we are so lucky to have The Sainsbury centre on our doorstep. When I paint, I tend to paint in a realist style, working in silhouette gives me a freedom to move away from tonal detail and designing in a negative space whilst retaining detail. My pieces often tell a story, and I like to hide a little surprise within a design, which the viewer may not immediately notice. 

I re-discovered my love of art through art classes and enrolling on a creative techniques diploma, which in turn gave me the confidence to develop